Log cabins advice- Your helping hand

Welcome to the real paradise of „Eurodita“ log cabins. We can offer you a special selection and friendly prices. Why? Because we are convinced of wooden cottages experts and know how to take care of not only the production houses, but also the fulfillment of customer needs.

We have many years in the international market, we are working with the log cabin, so we know what customers want and how to meet their expectations. You can call us log cabins advice. Experiment with different techniques today are promoting only high-quality materials and functional products

Our company manufactures log homes for more than 20 years. Exactly the same time constantly improve their knowledge and interested in what still evolving wooden caravan abroad, in the international market. Gain some experience of colleagues and partners in the annual update of its cottages choice. Today, we can offer 28, 45, 58 or even 70 mm thick garden houses.

Quality and ecology having prefabricated houses can be of various types and are used according to the different needs of each client. Therefore, our product catalog is not only collected residential houses, there is also a children’s wooden houses, log cabins, wooden baths, log garages, wooden gates, terminal space for caravans and everything else you might need.

Having a really unique ideas „Eurodita“ log cabins advice held back and listen to your personal preferences will prepare an individual project home for you.

Our goal is to establish itself in the international market as the most appreciated manufacturer of prefabricated houses, because we know that we have some log cabins advice! If you don`t know what you should d with your garden, give it for us, we always know how to get your wishes come true. Our experience means that we have all vision in your mind and our creativity can surprise you in a good way.

Vision turned reality: easy to build residential cabins

We know how to build a timber frame building, well most of us humans probably do, we’ve been doing that for centuries and we apparently know how to do that right but there are still plenty of problems us people get into while trying to get then done. It comes as no surprise that the time and expenses put in the whole process are sometimes just huge and very often it easily puts off people from actually getting log homes. And we believe there is a better way to do so, a better choice to get the required buildings easily, quickly and on a budget.

We have some amazing residential cabins for sale. Here in Eurodita log cabins we have over twenty years of experience in this area and this is vast skill we know just the right ways how to build a proper garden shed. In the whole process, we use only the highest quality timber of Siberian spruce that is highly resistant and is truly one of the best materials for the job meanwhile as the Italian machinery and German accessories used in the further process guarantee you that the Eurodita log cabins are going to last you decades, just like a proper house.

These are high quality residential cabins to choose from. There is an expansive list of models and you can look it up to pick just the right model you need. They are highly reliable and it also takes not more than a day or two to properly build them compared to weeks and months that are needed to build a proper house.

Eurodita log cabins are reliable, strong, easy to build and also great to look at, with all those designs made only by the dedicated experts who know exactly how a beautiful garden shed is supposed to look like. We’re an experienced company that is willing to offer you a high quality product for a great price, look around our site and choose us as your next solution for timber frame buildings.